Quandamooka - 14 June 2011 020 croppedOn 4 July 2011 the Federal Court of Australia made two native title consent determinations recognising the Quandamooka People’s native title rights and interests over land and waters on and surrounding North Stradbroke Island, and some islands in Moreton Bay. The combined determination area is about 54,472 hectares, with native title determined to exist over about 54,408 hectares of land and waters, including areas of national parks, reserves, unallocated State land and other leases. The outcomes achieved are the result of negotiations between the Quandamooka People and the various parties to the two applications. The Quandamooka People also negotiated two indigenous land use agreements (ILUAs) that establish how rights and interests will be exercised on the ground. The two determinations bring the total number of determinations made in Australia to 148, and in Queensland to 56.

A native title determination is a decision by the Federal Court of Australia that native title does or does not exist over an area of land or water. If the parties to a native title claim reach agreement, and the Federal Court endorses the agreement, it is called a consent determination.